Trade-A-Tree Program

Hickman-Fulton Counties Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation offers a program to its members called Trade-A-Tree.  HFRECC will cut a tree that has grown into the distribution power lines (doesn't include secondary or service line to home).  HFRECC will also dispose of the cut down portion of the tree.  Once the tree removal is complete, HFRECC will donate a tree from the list below to the property owner.  The new tree should not interfere with the power lines.



1. When a request is received, HFRECC will send someone to inspect the tree and line to verify if it qualifies for the program.  If the member agrees to the  trade-a-tree program, an agreement will be signed.  HFRECC will then cut and remove the old tree; however, stump removal is the responsibility of the member. One tree will be donated for each tree cut. The replacement tree will only be given certain times of the year, approximately November 1 thru May 1, to assure the best possible planting conditions.


2. The tree will be guaranteed to be alive and produce leaves the spring after planting, provided the tree has been cared for properly.  The tree then becomes the responsibility of the member.


3. Members may choose one of the following types of trees:

Red Bud

White Dogwood

Pink Dogwood

White Crape Myrtle

Pink Crape Myrtle

Red Crape Myrtle


*HFRECC will provide the trees.  Planting will be the consumer’s responsibility.  This selection will be based upon price and quality of the product. The replacement tree can be planted in the general vicinity of the tree that was cut as long as it is not under a power line.


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