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New Service


In order to establish an electric account in your name with Hickman-Fulton Counties RECC at an existing meter, the following steps need to be taken:


You will need to complete a New Customer Packet that includes a Membership Certificate, an Application for Service, and a Non-Discrimination Statement, before service can be established in your name. Due to new government regulations, you must submit your application to our office in person and provide your photo id.    


When you visit our office, you will need to be prepared to provide the deed or rental agreement for the property.  Please also be prepared to provide the service address (if not identified on the deed) and the meter number at the property (meter numbers are eight-digit numbers and are located on the face of your meter)


A $25 membership fee HFRECC Policy 17 and $20 connect fee are due at this time in addition to your deposit.  Deposits are required on residential properties in accordance to HFRECC Policy 18 and commercial properties in accordance to HFRECC Policy 19.


Once you have visited our office and submitted the necessary information, Hickman-Fulton RECC should be able to have your power on by the close of the following business day.  There are factors that may affect our ability to connect your service, including weather and workload, but service will be connected as soon as possible after your visit.




New Customer Packet:

Membership Form

Application for Service

Nondiscrimination Form