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Electric Junction

Students and teachers in the Hickman-Fulton Counties RECC service area can take a trip to Electric Junction, an electrical safety demonstration town in miniature that can be shown in area schools or to churches, civic groups or community organizations. 

In many ways, Electric Junction is like your town.  Cars travel the roadways; people work in their yards; children fly kites.  Everything runs smoothly.  However, life can get very dangerous when you consider that the residents of Electric Junction are very careless around electricity.  Built on a 2 x 7 board with a hand-painted background, Electric Junction simulates the many ways people can be injured by being careless around electricity.

Using a variety of different scenarios, the demonstration teaches children about the path of electricity and how to stay out of that path. Two neon figures, Lightning Liz and Neon Leon light up when they get caught in the path of electricity.  Sparky the Squirrel also gets a powerful jolt when he jumps on to a transformer.  Audiences will also hear important tips on electrical safety indoors.  To set up an Electric Junction    demonstration, call Hickman-Fulton Counties RECC.