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HFRECC - From 1937 to Now


Hickman-Fulton Counties RECC is a cooperative owned electric distribution utility serving consumers in Fulton, Hickman, Carlisle, and Graves Counties in Kentucky, and Obion and Lake Counties in Tennessee. We maintain 704 miles of line in serving 3684 customers. We are located at 1702 Moscow on Hwy 94, in Hickman, Ky.


Hickman-Fulton RECC's main goal is to always provide the most reliable electric service at the lowest rates possible, and to provide the consumers in our service area with a member owned utility that focus's on our customers needs.


Hickman-Fulton's first step in obtaining rural electricity in this area was in December, 1937, with a meeting between representatives of the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Rural Electrification Administration, an engineering firm, and The Cooperative's attorney.


A dream which originated in the hearts of the rural residents of Fulton and Hickman Counties, took its first step in becoming a reality on that December day. Lifetimes of endless physical drudgery and hardships was about to take place. A "miracle" is what many called it, the days the lights came on. Electricity was going to change their lives forever. This dream came true and the hearts of many were filled with awe as they sat and gazed at those lights the first night they glowed. As a Tennessee farmer gave witness at his church on the first Sunday morning in 1937, he said "My brothers and sisters, I want to tell you this. The greatest thing on earth is to have the love of God in your heart, and the next greatest thing is to have electricity in your house."


Hickman-Fulton RECC has come a long way from that December in 1937, but we are still here to "LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE".